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Alberto Ruz Buenfil was born in Mexico City in 1945, is the first Son of Alberto Ruz Lhuillier archaeologist specialized in the Mayan Culture, discoverer of the tomb of the ruler and most important high priest for the Maya culture Pakal “the great”.


Alberto Ruz Buenfil whose work is dedicated to social change, environmental sustainability and the performing arts. He is co-founder of two international theater groups “The Hathi Baba’s” and “The Illuminated Elephants”, as well as the first ecovillage in Mexico, known as Huehuecoyotl.

He led the Rainbow Caravan for Peace for 13 years. An international effort to promote sustainable design and permaculture, as well as theatrical performances, in seventeen countries in Latin America. From 2002 to 2005 he was invited by Culture Minister Gilberto Gil to travel all over Brazil with the Rainbow Caravan for Peace, he received the “Living School” award from Brazilian President Lula da Silva and Culture Minister Gilberto Gil, as one of the 60 most advanced projects in education in the country.

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Upon his return from South America in 2009, he was invited to join a team at the Culture Directorate of Coyoacán (CDMX), where he created the Ecobarrios project and took it for three years to 10 different towns and neighborhoods in that part of the city.

From January to November 2013 he was Director of Environmental Culture in the state of Morelos, since 2014, he has been an advisor to the “Legislative Assembly” of Mexico City, on the theme of the recently approved Law of Mother Earth Rights.

Organized the 1st Global Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth in Mexico City, from June 1 to 5. Its main objective today is to contribute to the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth in the United Nations. He lives in Huehuecóyotl and travels around the world as a keynote speaker in different Forums and for all types of audiences.



The documentary is narrated in Alberto Coyote’s own voice and supported by interviews of people close to his life, children, romantic partners, friends, grandchildren and a series of people who have been in contact with him.

We will explore in the company of Alberto Coyote the corners of his past which is as present as if it had been yesterday. Going into your memories, your photographs, your memories to try to understand what was your real search in this fantastic journey that began in the year 68. We will live each of the stages of its unique existence and as each and every one of us today to observe what this adventurer is doing.

Directing and Photography

The direction and photography is done by  Elivier Villa and Ricardo de la Fuente, documentalists and photographers with 10 years of experience in production and post-production in advertising, film, TV and corporate video.

We are developing this project motivated to know the incredible story of Alberto; In which a group of friends traveled the world as a nomadic tribe and later established one of the first ecovillages in Mexico.

Its history is an exceptional story that must be documented, as few people have traveled so many places and learned from so many cultures to create a universal conscience.

Production company

9mm film production

Company of production and post production of audiovisual material, with more than 10 years of experience in advertising, film and corporate video.



We can realize the production and post production
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The documentary will be developed in three stages.

Stage 1 Compilation of material: The first stage is to collect material interviews, photographs, videos, dramatizations etc. For 18 months we will record the life of Alberto Coyote.

Stage 2 Postproduction: At this stage the time has come to do postproduction editing, color correction, audio and animations.

Stage 3 Distribution:

We will hold the premiere in Huehuecoyotl in the Coyote style, with a small cultural festival. for our sponsors who are abroad we will have an online premier.

The documentary will apply for different film festivals

Morelia (Mexico), Monterrey (Mexico), Los Cabos (Mexico), FICUNAM (Mexico), DOCSMX (Mexico), Sundance (USA), Hotdocs (Canada), Tribeca Film Festival (USA), RIDM (Canada), RAI Film Festival (England), Sheffield Doc / Fest (England), Ethnografilm (France), Cannes (France), Visions du réel (France), Berlin (Germany), Freiburger Film Forum (Germany), DOK.festMunich (Germany), Thessaloniki (Grece), CPHDOX (Denmark), BACIFI (Argentina).

The documentary will be available on the website:

We are currently developing stage 1 of the project. We have been photographing Alberto Coyote for 12 months in sessions held in 15-day spaces between one and the other. Accompanying him to trips and events in which he participates, Interviewing with his friends, children, grandchildren and his companions in the caravans.

We continue to collect audiovisual material, both archive and current. We still have a lot of material to collect and one or two trips to make, with your support we can continue with this project.

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Your collaboration makes you part of the production team, receiving a credit inside the documentary and a special link to watch the online premiere.

All contributions will be used to make production payments such as: production equipment, transportation, lodging, photographers, post production, development of distribution plan, among others.

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Documental "Coyote" La vida de Alberto Ruz.

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